1 December 2007

foggy and driving some more.

By Drew
foggy and driving some more.
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Drew : foggy and driving some more.

Drew : more fog and lake.

Drew : it was a bit foggy.

Drew :

Drew :

Drew :

Drew : I spent the whole day chasing my friend all over New Hampshire and Maine to grab his extra booties and gloves. I never caught him and missed a whole lot of waves like these.

Drew : photoAday is back in my life and so is the water. how's your day going?

Drew : fucking sons o'bitches. you would think tree surgeons would be recyclers.

Drew : ten.

Drew : nine.

Drew : eight.

Drew : seven.

Drew : six.

Drew : five.

Drew : four.

Drew : three.

Drew : two.

Drew : one.

Drew :